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Who is SheHopes?

We are a global community working together to provide SELF-DEFENSE, JOB TRAINING, and EDUCATION to women and girls around the world.

Where are you working?

SheHopes is currently working in India, Kenya, and Rwanda.

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When was SheHopes started?

SheHopes was started in 2016.

What led you to start SheHopes?

It came from hearing the stories of our sisters across the globe who are the victims of violence, lack of access to job skills and training to provide for themselves financially, and barriers to basic education - their only crime was being born a girl. Ginger Lobdell (SheHopes founder) first visited Kenya and India in 2016, and Rwanda in 2018. She listened as women and girls shared their stories with her, and saw the oppression and threat of violence that they experience every day. Doing nothing was no longer an option.


Who is part of SheHopes?

Our SheHopes family consists of entrepreneurs, physical therapists, accountants, hairstylists, licensed marriage and family therapists, bookkeepers, social justice warriors, corporate business and life coaches, college students, teenagers, middle and grade schoolers, photographers, stay-at-home moms, artists, survivors of the Rwandan genocide, and many more who have a a heart for bringing HOPE to our sisters around the world.

Is SheHopes a religious organization?

SheHopes was started under the fiscal sponsor umbrella of Restoration Church in Wichita, Kansas - but it has grown to become its own entity. SheHopes is a non-religious nonprofit organization in an effort to help as many women and girls as we can around the world. SheHopes believes that every woman and every girl deserves to be empowered and have hope, regardless of where they live on the map or their religion.

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What can I do to help? How can I donate?

Doing good really is simple! You can purchase items such as our bags, scarves, baskets, and t-shirts to make a difference in the world and spread the word about SheHopes. You can also donate on our website -

I want to go on a SheHopes trip!

Wonderful! We are currently in the process of setting up a way for teams to join us on international trips. Be sure to follow us on social media (@SheHopesOrg) and our website ( for all of the latest news!

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Do you accept volunteers?

There is always something you can do to help! We are currently welcoming volunteers to help with these projects/committees: SheHopes ambassadors, fundraising, events, awareness in the Wichita community, junior board, acquiring donated supplies for trips, etc. Contact us for more information -

Why India, Kenya, and Rwanda? What about here at home?

There are many amazing resources for people in need here at home that are not available in the communities where we work around the world. There are also fantastic international organizations doing work around the globe, but unfortunately they are not present in the places where we go in the smaller cities, villages, rural areas, and slum communities.

We have helped locally as well, and excited to find more ways that we can continue to help the women and girls here at home and in other places around the world. We will go where we are needed.

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What about boys? Why don't you help them?

Boys are very important to us, and the work that we do also impacts boys, but we have found that girls, as a whole, have less accessibility to safety, job training, and education - so we choose to help our sisters around the world. Studies show that if you educate a girl, if you equip a woman with job training and financial sustainability, you can initiate long-lasting change in their communities.

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What about the men? We're not all bad.

There are many amazing men in our lives! We don't teach that men are evil - but the statistics don't lie. Most of the violence against females is perpetrated by males. We don't teach women and girls to become "man-haters." Instead, we teach them to be aware of their surroundings, to listen to their instincts, and how to escape dangerous situations.

Why self-defense?

Statistics show that worldwide one out of every three females experience violence in their lives. In India, it is estimated that a rape occurs every twenty seconds.

During our travels and speaking with women and girls, we found that almost every woman and girl had a similar story, or knew someone close to them who has experienced such violence. SheHopes wants to empower these women and girls by teaching them simple, yet effective, self-defense techniques so they can protect themselves and have confidence in their self-worth. We teach self-defense as a method of protection and escape, and not for violence. Kenya Secondary School Nose Hit.jpg

Why are feminine hygiene products so important for girls?

Many girls are forced to stay home from school during their monthly cycle due to a lack of feminine hygiene products, leading to missing many weeks of school and falling behind. For many, this leads to dropping out and inescapable poverty due to their lack of education. Those who do attempt to go to school on their cycle often try to use items such as leaves, rags, mud or even rocks as feminine hygiene products. By giving girls pads, they can go to school consistently and have a better chance to provide for themselves financially.


Let’s give the girls Diva Cups!

Menstrual flow cups are wonderful products that are easily cleanable, if you have access to clean running water. Sadly, many of the women and girls that we work with do not have access to reliable, clean, and running water. Because of the nature of the menstrual cups being reinserted into the body, we need to avoid this by giving both disposable and handmade sanitary supplies.

Who makes the washable pads and other SheHopes items?

We work with seamstresses in Kitale, Kenya to make washable, reusable sanitary pads and our SheHopes bags. Our sewing classes in India have made scarves, and the girls in the India orphanage weave our colorful handmade baskets. India Sewing Group.jpg

Do you have any other questions for SheHopes? Let us know in the comments below.

We are incredibly grateful for you - our SheHopes family - for all of your love and support! We couldn’t do this without YOU!

Remember this - you are LOVED, you are SEEN, and you are WORTH FIGHTING FOR!

Here’s to HOPE!

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