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Deep in the heart of every woman and girl is a story. We listen to these stories, then meet their most basic needs.

Our goal is to give women and girls the tools they need to protect themselves from dangerous situations, to learn freely, and create a life where they can support themselves financially.

We partner with amazing people who are already working in their own communities in India, Kenya, and Rwanda in three major ways:

1) We teach life-saving self-defense skills to girls and women in vulnerable situations. We teach that they are LOVED, they have VALUE, and they are WORTH FIGHTING FOR!

2) We work with schools to give sanitary supplies and underwear to girls in need so they do not have to miss school during their monthly periods.

3) We provide job training for women and girls, so they can become financially independent and provide for themselves and their families.


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It's not about giving handouts - it's about cultivating opportunities to SAVE and CHANGE LIVES.

We help each of them become the HERO of her own story!

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We are currently in India, Kenya, and Rwanda. Too many of our sisters around the world have been victims of violence, limited education, and lack of job training. Their only crime was being born a girl.

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