In Her Shoes




Durga's Story

I'd like to introduce you to a little seven-year-old named Durga. Her mommy, (partially seen here for her protection) works in a brothel in southern India. Durga's father has passed away, and life can be very difficult for single parents and their children in India. They were homeless, and she was unable to feed and care for Durga. That was when she made the heartbreaking decision to take her daughter to live in an orphanage to be given a chance for a better life.

Durga now only sees her mother two to four times a year. Her mother can't leave her employment because she has no other way to provide for herself. If we can give her the hope and opportunities to change her life, we can also change the future for precious little Durga and others like her! 





Sangeetha's Story

Think back to when you were a teenager. Do you remember how carefree and wild with excitement you felt? The world held promise and possibility as you pursued your dreams for the future.

While you are thinking back to that time in your own life, I'd like for you to meet a very brave girl. Sangeetha (san-GHEE-tah) is seventeen-years-old, and already she has felt the weight of the world on her small shoulders.

Sangeetha's parents are poor and could not take care of her financially, so she was taken to live in an orphanage. "My stay at the orphanage was very special," says Sangeetha. During one of her visits back home to see her parents, she was attacked and raped by a man in her village. Her parents were afraid to report her attack to the police. If word got out that she had been raped, they were afraid no one would marry her. Sadly, this occurs far too often in India. According to government figures, a woman is raped every twenty minutes in India, and many rapes are left unreported - just like Sangeetha's story.

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