India: Self-Defense Class

November 7, 2016

We are thrilled to be working with Cindy Coughenour, the founder of Fearless and Female, to bring self-defense techniques to women and girls around the world!

Here is a little of Cindy’s story in her own words:

“Fearless and Female is dedicated to my friend Julie Marie Ladd. Julie and I became friends and next door neighbors in first grade. We went to elementary school, junior high, and high school together. After high school we both enrolled at Wichita State University.

The summer after our freshman year in college, Julie was murdered in the basement of her dormitory at the age of nineteen. Her murderer was eventually caught. Julie had not been his first victim and we now know she was not his last victim.

As young girls, Julie and I knew how to dance, swim, and drive a car, but we didn’t know how to protect our bodies in a dangerous situation. I now have the privilege of traveling the country teaching women and young girls the lifesaving skills that Julie never had the opportunity to learn.

I founded Fearless and Female in 2001, and have been a fierce advocate of safety ever since.  I teach women and girls how to recognize and avoid dangerous situations in their daily lives, but I also give them the motivation, skills, and confidence to fight back and survive!

The opportunity to work with is such a blessing.  Sisterhood shouldn’t stop within our own neighborhood, city, or continent.  Thinking about the positive impact that one hug, one self-defense technique, or one small bottle of baby formula could have on a sister in need is mind-blowing! We really are saving and changing lives! I am so proud and honored to be just a small part of this global community.
 I love seeing the smiles on those little faces from around the world, the ones who are learning that
“fighting like a girl” really is a GOOD thing!”


In 2016 we were able to teach the sweet girls of a southern Indian orphanage how to be their own best protector! We’re looking forward to going back to India in 2017, and starting Fearless and Female classes in Kenya!





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