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April 22, 2017
  1. What is What is the mission?

The mission of our SheHopes family is to bring life, light, and hope to women and girls around the world. We do this through meeting basic needs, education, self-defense skills, and job training. Check out our About Us page over here at


  1. Why was SheHopes started and when?

The idea of SheHopes was born in December 2015 out of hearing the stories of women and girls around the world who are the victims of violence, not given the educational opportunities that boys have, and lack the job skills and training to provide for themselves financially. Ginger Lobdell (SheHopes founder) visited Kenya and India in 2016, and witnessed the oppression and violence that women and girls experience. She knew something had to be done.

In Ginger’s words, “Everyone has a story. My life fell apart in 2009 –  I felt broken and alone. I became a single mother, and I had three little faces looking up at me. That’s when someone came alongside me, trained me in a job that allowed me to provide for my little boys, and gave me the gift of hope.

Several years later, I was able to listen to stories from women and girls while traveling in Kenya and India. SheHopes was born out of those stories. Too many of our sisters around the world have been victims of oppression, violence, inadequate education, and lack of vocational training. Their only crime was being born a girl. The heart of SheHopes is to bring them life, light, and hope. We are currently working in Kenya, India, and here at home in America. Our goal is to give these women and girls the tools they need to protect themselves from dangerous environments, to learn freely, and create a life where they can support themselves and their families financially. It’s not about giving handouts – it’s about cultivating opportunities to save and change lives.

None of this is possible without hope. Through providing them a safe haven from violence, and giving them empowerment through job opportunities, we can ignite a spark of hope in their hearts. Who knows? The impact of this life-changing fire of hope just might change the world.”


  1. Who is in SheHopes?

Every heart has a story, and each member of the SheHopes family brings their own passion and stories from their own journey to helping others around the world. We have a self-defense advocate, accountants, a hairstylist, an engineer, a psychology graduate, stay-at-home moms, an artist, a survivor of the Rwandan genocide, and more in our family. Check out the Our Community page to take a look at our amazing core contributors and the other groups we partner with!


  1. What can I do to help? How can I donate?

On the Take Action page of our website, we make it easy to give a donation of any amount to help out our sisters all over the world. TheTake Action page also gives some other great ideas on how to help out.


  1. Do you accept volunteers?

There is always something you can do to help! Donating time, energy or money are great ways to help our cause. SheHopes is not currently accepting applications for volunteers for trips to Kenya and India, but please stay tuned to our Take Action page and our Facebook page to find out more ways you can help and keep in the loop on our current projects.


  1. Is SheHopes a religious organization?

While we are under the umbrella of Restoration Church in Wichita, Kansas, (and work with churches in Kenya and India), SheHopes is a non-religious nonprofit organization in an effort to help as many women and girls as we can around the world. At SheHopes, we believe that every woman and every girl deserves to be empowered and have hope, regardless of where they live on the map or their religion.


  1. Is SheHopes 100% nonprofit? Where do donations go?

Every penny donated to SheHopes goes directly to helping girls and women (and boys) all around the world. Donations go to supplies such as sewing machines to teach job skills, fabric to make reusable sanitary pads, providing school meals for children from a slum, and more. Our SheHopes family voluntarily pays out-of-pocket to travel abroad to distribute these goods and teach self-defense classes, so you can be assured that your donation goes straight to the cause you love.


  1. Why Kenya and India? What about America?

As a global community, SheHopes is working all over the world to help women and girls have hope and empowerment. In this, we do work internationally and locally here in America.

There are many amazing organizations here in the United States, but when we saw the needs in Kenya and India and the simple ways that we could change lives, our hearts jumped at the chance to help. As we grow, we hope to do more here at home. We’ll go where we are needed.


  1. Let’s give the girls Diva Cups!

Menstrual flow cups are wonderful products that are easily cleanable, if you have access to clean running water. Sadly, many of the women and girls that we work with do not have access to reliable, clean, and running water. Because of the nature of the menstrual cups being reinserted into the body, we would like to avoid this by giving disposable pads and working with a seamstress in Kenya to make reusable sanitary pads. These are an external version of feminine hygiene that can be disinfected using an easily made and affordable salt solution, and it do not need to be inserted into the body.


  1. Why are feminine hygiene products so important for girls?

On average, women and girls have their cycles for one week every month each year. Many girls stay home from school during this week due to a lack of feminine hygiene products, leading to missing many weeks of school and falling behind. For many, this leads to dropping out and eventual poverty due to a lack of education. Those that do attempt to go to school on their cycle often try to use items such as leaves, rags, mud or even rocks as feminine hygiene products. By giving girls pads, they can go to school consistently and eventually provide for themselves financially.


  1. Who makes the washable pads and SheHopes purses?

SheHopes is all about giving women and girls the tools to succeed and become empowered, so we work with seamstresses directly in the communities we are in! The reusable pads and SheHopes purses are made in Kitale, Kenya are made by Stella, Susan, and Jan. Stella is working on teaching girls in her community how to sew their own reusable pads, which is giving them much-needed job skills for the future.


  1. Why self-defense?

Statistics show that worldwide one out of every four females experience violence in their lives. However, these statistics are based only on women and girls who come forward after experiencing violence. In India, it is estimated that a rape occurs every twenty seconds.

During our travels and speaking with women and girls, we found that almost every woman and girl had a similar story, or knew someone close to them who has experienced such violence. SheHopes wants to empower these women and girls by teaching them simple, yet effective, self-defense using Fearless and Female techniques so that they can protect themselves and have confidence in their self-worth. We teach self-defense as a method of protection and escape, and not for violence.

To find out more about our self-defense programs check out


  1. If you have any questions not addressed here please feel free to contact us by email at


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