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What is SheHopes.org?

We are a global community working together to bring life, light, and hope to women and girls of around the world through education, empowerment, and job training. We are currently working in Kenya, India, and here at home in America.



Too many of our sisters around the world have been victims of oppression, violence, inadequate education, and lack of vocational teaching. Their only crime was being born a girl.

We help with this by meeting the most basic of needs. Our goal is to give these women the tools they need to protect themselves from dangerous situations, to learn freely, and create a life where they can support themselves and their families financially. It’s not about giving handouts – it’s about cultivating opportunities to save and change lives.



The oppression females have faced every day in India and Kenya has left behind a feeling of darkness and hopelessness. Sometimes it seems that they have even forgotten how to laugh.

Our mission is to unlock the chains of oppression, and to ignite in them a spark, giving the women and girls the freedom to dream, pursue their goals, and impact their cultures for future generations.



None of this is possible without hope. Through providing these women a safe haven from violence, and giving them empowerment through job opportunities, we can continue to fan the flame of hope in their hearts. Who knows? The impact of this life-changing fire of hope just might change the world.


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